T-Mobile, Nokia, Qualcomm achieved 1.175 Gbps in test

Tmobil Tmobil,Nokia & Qualcomm

Consumer don’t have to wait for 5G to get gigabit plus/second speed to your device. As carrier continue to advance their LTE Network w/ carrier aggregation, 4X4 Mimo, and 256 QAM in the unlimited data era, T-Mobile has announced to reached a theoretical speed of 1.2Gbps of CAT 18 in the new test that hit 1.175Gbps in the downlink. The trio (Nokia,T-Mobil, and Qualcomm) plan to demonstrate the test live during this week’s Mobil World Congress Americas in SFO. The Demonstration utilized 4×4 Mimo, 256 QAM technology, and 3 carrier aggregations across 60 MHz of downlink spectrum on T-Mobil’s Network and Nokia’s 4.9G network powered by the Nokia AirScale Base station.

T-Mobile indicated that demos show that commercially available 4G technologies can provide customers with way better speeds then what is seen currently. Right now, there aren’t any phone that support Cat 18 connectivity, but there are 6 in the market that supports Cat16. And all 6 of them use Qualcomm’s x16 LTE modem.
All 4 carriers are testing and deploying gigabit LTE technology and the devices using these speeds will be available early next year.

“We are helping customers maximize the value of their existing networks by bringing performance closer to that expected from 5G in the future,” Noted by Marc Rouanne, president of mobile networks at Nokia. “With this key test, using T-Mobile’s network and Qualcomm Technologies’ modem, we have not only broken the gigabit speed barrier but have exceeded existing performance using Nokia 4.9G technology, showing the way forward for higher-quality user experiences and services with fiber-like speeds over mobile connections.”

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