Intel vs. Samsung

intel samsung

Intel, the king of Semiconductor for more than 2 decades lost it’s place as #1 chip maker to Samsung Electronics, Korean technology company best known for its smartphones and televisions. Samsung’s semiconductor unit, whose fortunes come largely from selling memory chips used in mobile devices, delivered second-quarter sales of $US15.7 billion ($19.7bn) and operating profit of $US7.1bn. Intel, which dominates the calculating engines known as microprocessors, reported quarterly revenue of $US14.8bn and operating profit of $US3.8bn.
Sources says that despite Samsung’s bad year on recall over exploding batteries for Galaxy Note 7 and imprisonment of de facto leader Lee Jae-Yong on corruption charges, it did a fairly quickly turn over. It’s Galaxy S8 series of smartphones recorded higher sales than their predecessors, helping the company’s mobile business rebound from last year’s crisis over Galaxy Note 7s.
Intel failed to jump on the move to mobile and watched as the PC business began to crumble. For Intel, which saw the bulk of its revenue come from PC chips, is on the decline due to declining of pc purchases. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich says: they have began their focus toward building semiconductor chips to power autonomous vehicles, cloud computing and the future of 5G wireless networks.

Information from: Market Watch, Wireless Week, The Street